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Princess Chelle by Purinblood
Princess Chelle
From an RP me and DWN-022 are doing. 

Just so ya know, the darker parts aren't fishnets, it's chainmail. Just to be clear, because WHO CAN DRAW CHAINMAIL AM I RITE
Then the metal parts are obviously metal, specifically tried to go for a Titanium type metal, and the pink parts are leather. If you take off all the metal parts, she is wearing a whole bodysuit save for feet and armholes, then over her arms and neck are a layer of black sleeves and then chainmail on top. I didn't draw her boots, but they're basically just metal boots. The metal on her legs is knee armor, it's just a plate that covers the knees. And she's just wearing matching gloves. IDK.

Also I fucked up her crown thing, don't ask me how it's doing that... It's like clipping through her hair. Whoops.
I suck at drawing armor, LOL. But, I hope you like it anyways! 
violaciousAspie by Purinblood
My new avatar. 

It's got a lot of meaning behind it, to be honest. The puzzle pattern is on the autism ribbon, and the only reason why there's just one piece is because i'm only just one person in the sea of people with autism. The original pattern is a rainbow of colors, but I made it various shades of purple because purple is my favorite color, purple is more than just a favorite color to me now. It's kinda popped up in my life at interesting times, and so just the color means so much. 

And yeah, violaciousAspie is kinda what my Homestuck chumhandle would be. It kinda is real because someone made Pesterchum a working IM messenger! My chumhandle there is violaciousAspie, so yeah! You can add me if you want. 
Light Reading by Purinblood
Light Reading
Felt a little better physically today, so I drew some Chelle for you. Don't ask me where she got that book... Ask her.
She's sitting in her bathroom, by the way.
This ended up being a pretty good reference for her vitiligo markings, too! 

As a Rogue of Void, please don't allow me to go Grimdark.
That's what would happen. 

(Concept of Grimdark and Rogue of Void belongs to Andrew Hussie's Homestuck)
A quick little update! Today marks the 4th Anniversary of my UTAU Aika! So, to commemorate her 4th year of being a thing, I am PROUD to announce the release of Aika VCV ACT4 coming out extremely soon! I'm sad I didn't finish it in time, but it'll be out soon! Stay tuned, and happy birthday, Aika! 
Well, it came to my attention the other day that the cause of all my physical problems, which have gotten worse, could be my depression. Everything matches up. 

Three cheers for severe depression. Hip hip hoo-fucking-ray.
So now I have 290483143895924051 doctor's appointments to meet, and I barely have enough energy to sneeze. 

Depression has done to me what I have heard it's done to others, but never thought it would happen to me. I find barely any joy in doing what I love, and that includes eating. My stomach is so sour and full feeling, and I have eaten less and less. I've lost a lot of weight unhealthily. My neck and shoulders are sore and causing my eyes to be sensitive to light. I've gone to the chiropractor like 6 times in the last 2 weeks.

I don't think you should expect any art here anytime soon. I've kinda hit hard times, and not only me, but my whole entire family. I'll just keep it as.. Finances are extremely tight. We've had to sacrifice a lot to keep our house and buy food. 

So, it's with a tired sigh and an exhausted brain, sore muscles and an unstable stomach that I continue this game called life, with depression and school on the side. I'm just glad I have a few friends who support me, and family that support me as well. It's a gift that I was blessed to have. I'm going to kick this depression business in the ass not just for me, but for my friends and family... Or at least i'm gunna try. I love them so much, it physically hurts. Whoops, that's just my depression. 

Sorry for not uploading too much, it's gunna be a long time before I heal. Thanks for understanding. I'll still be around though! 
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United States
My name is Purinblood! Welcome. I have been here for over 4 years, I hope you all like my artwork. I draw anime stuff and things.


My closest friends on dA:

:iconnaminem: : She was my art partner! She did covers for my chapters in stories! This girl is so funny, and just plain awesome, that it's nuts. She does some REALLY awesome Kirby and Black Butler, not to mention Pokemon, and other stuff! She's one hell of a friend! Me and NAMS go back, she was one of my first watchers. She has really cheap comissions, so go ahead and check her out!

:iconnine-roses: : ShadowRose999 was my freind from the whole start. She was there from the beggining helping me get through a major flaming when i was active on FFN. She draws some rocking Sonic, and some Kirby, but what poeple most know her for, is her absolutely wonderful Fanfiction! She does Sonic, and she just retired from MK/Jigglypuff.

:iconstarlow-ftw: : Starlow-FTW is an amazing poet. He is hilarious most times, and he was with me f rom my start in FFN as well. He's a great guy, with a great brain.

:iconslaymi: She's one of my closest friends. She draws characters from her own casts and stories, and some fanart of misc. stuff too! Her art is amazing. <3

:iconthegaiares:/:iconstellarwatcher: She's a great artist, and a good friend to have. She draws Pokemon and other fun stuff!

:iconchipper807: OFFICIALLY my biggest fan. She self-declared herself to be my biggest fan a while ago. And heck, i'm /her/ biggest fan! <3

:iconfallingtourniquet222: : She is a great Wrestling/Boxing drawer, and also draws pokemon since recently. She's a freind that keeps you down to earth. She's hilarious!

:iconmrbubbaace37:/:icondagameshowhost: He's not so active anymore, but he's still a great friend!

Devinats I know in real life!


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304 / 900
Prices are really cheap, I swear! ^^

2:points:- Lineart
3:points:- Color
1:points: for every character
2:points: if you want shading
2:points: if you want an elaborate background such as outside.

Your picture will always come with some sort of simple BG, if not, the elaborate BG.


Someone wants a full color picture with 2 characters and shading, no elaborate BG.

3:points:+1:points:+1:points:+2:points:= 7:points: Total!

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