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got tagged by my lovely friend MissPinku holla

1) Would you change your name?
Y E. Y ES Y ES EYES YE YS YES YES EYES YE S I DO NT LIKE MY REAL  N AAAAM E i would change my name from Alexandra to Zoë. That was what my dad wanted to name me hehehe

2) Admit which is you least favorite feature.
My eyes. They're squinty, and always look like they're closed but when i open them a lot it looks like i'm crazy! Plus, my eye color is close to black. My eyes are not pretty. Blegh. 

3) Now admit your most favorite feature.
...Am I even allowed to say this without sounding weird? i'm going to sound weird. Just warning you. chest whOOPS 

4) Name something you wish you knew more about.
Japanese history. I gotta learn that eventually! Me learning Japanese is not just for the language, but the history as well. I'm intrigued. :>

5) Would you say you enjoy your present or do you look forwards to something to enjoy in the future?
I'm not happy with where I am right now. I want to go back home. Hopefully me and my friends will be roommates back home! I can't wait!

6) Do you believe in individuality and standing up for your beliefs? Do you do so confidently or quietly as an inner monologue?
Loud and proudly! I wholeheartedly believe in individuality and standing up for your beliefs! I have had to do so with my own beliefs with other people before. It wasn't easy, but I think they got the message that I won't ever change my beliefs, but I won't change myself in the process. ; )

7) What's the farthest you've traveled/been to?
I've been to Arizona, which at the time was across the country from where I lived. I've never left the US though! Hopefully someday I will! 

8) Do you like big homes or small ones?
I've been living in small houses all my life, and only just recently have I moved into a house with a second floor, so i'd have to say big houses. Small houses sound cozy and humble, and sometimes they are! But when you live in them it can get claustrophobic and lonely ... I'm happy with the house I have now though! If only I were living in this house back home ... 

9) Have you been bullied? Have you stood up? Have you been a bully?
I can't even begin to tell you about this one! I don't know where to start! I've been bullied countless times, so much in fact that I had to be taken out of school because of it. There were some other causes of me being taken out of public school too, but i'd have to say that one is the biggest factor. So many bloody noses and being shoved into trash cans and lockers, verbal abuse, hair pulling, vomiting, basketballs to the face at P.E... oh yeah. All that lovely stuff and more. As for me ever being a bully, i'm sure I have been, but it was only out of self defense or spite. You reap what you sow.

10) Make up an inspirational quote. One you can use daily for yourself.
'It'll get better.'

My Questions! 
1. Do you have a pet?
2. Do you like to write?
3. What's your favorite subject in school? (Lunch doesn't count ya sillies!)
4. On a scale of 1 to 10, how funny would you rate yourself? (1 being monotonous, 10 being so silly you can make someone cry from laughter) 
5. What color are your bedroom walls?
6. How many hours do you spend on the computer each day?
7. What's your favorite video game? (If you don't play video games, what's your favorite TV show?)
8. What's your favorite holiday to celebrate? 
9. How tall are you?
10. Are you a clean freak? Or do you hate to clean? 

Crispy those were the best questions ever omfg thanks 4 tagging me

SilverPotato77, DespairPollution, tentaclehead  
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United States
My name is Purinblood! Welcome. I have been here for over 4 years, I hope you all like my artwork. I draw anime stuff and things.


My closest friends on dA:

:iconnaminem: : She was my art partner! She did covers for my chapters in stories! This girl is so funny, and just plain awesome, that it's nuts. She does some REALLY awesome Kirby and Black Butler, not to mention Pokemon, and other stuff! She's one hell of a friend! Me and NAMS go back, she was one of my first watchers. She has really cheap comissions, so go ahead and check her out!

:iconnine-roses: : ShadowRose999 was my freind from the whole start. She was there from the beggining helping me get through a major flaming when i was active on FFN. She draws some rocking Sonic, and some Kirby, but what poeple most know her for, is her absolutely wonderful Fanfiction! She does Sonic, and she just retired from MK/Jigglypuff.

:iconstarlow-ftw: : Starlow-FTW is an amazing poet. He is hilarious most times, and he was with me f rom my start in FFN as well. He's a great guy, with a great brain.

:iconslaymi: She's one of my closest friends. She draws characters from her own casts and stories, and some fanart of misc. stuff too! Her art is amazing. <3

:iconthegaiares:/:iconstellarwatcher: She's a great artist, and a good friend to have. She draws Pokemon and other fun stuff!

:iconchipper807: OFFICIALLY my biggest fan. She self-declared herself to be my biggest fan a while ago. And heck, i'm /her/ biggest fan! <3

:iconfallingtourniquet222: : She is a great Wrestling/Boxing drawer, and also draws pokemon since recently. She's a freind that keeps you down to earth. She's hilarious!

:iconmrbubbaace37:/:icondagameshowhost: He's not so active anymore, but he's still a great friend!

:iconthreshercakes: A funny Pokemon drawer. One of my best friends! :>

Devinats I know in real life!


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Purinblood has started a donation pool!
304 / 900
Prices are really cheap, I swear! ^^

2:points:- Lineart
3:points:- Color
1:points: for every character
2:points: if you want shading
2:points: if you want an elaborate background such as outside.

Your picture will always come with some sort of simple BG, if not, the elaborate BG.


Someone wants a full color picture with 2 characters and shading, no elaborate BG.

3:points:+1:points:+1:points:+2:points:= 7:points: Total!

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